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Five Point Bakery for letter F!


Those are the words I would use to describe Five Points Bakery to anyone who has never been! Five Points Bakery is filled with only fresh, local ingredients that they use to create amazing breads and pastries.

F: Five Points Bakery

F: Five Points Bakery

From the wall of breads and pastries to the homey atmosphere, I could've spend the whole day here!


Cinnamon Raisin Toast - The plate came as a "Create your own" style toast with the toppings in side dishes! It was so fun to really create your toast to your liking with the toppings; each piece of toast could taste totally different in a delicious way. The cinnamon raisin toast came with peanut butter, apples and cinnamon sugar. I created each toast with all the toppings because they were so fresh and delicious- I literally could not get enough! When I bit into the peanut butter I could tell that the peanut butter was made from freshly ground peanuts because of the (descriptive word for texture... gritty, creamy, smooth...) texture and rich flavor. The Cinnamon Raisin toast overall was warm, melt in your mouth and mouth watering good!

Latte - I am a sucker for a sweetened latte with a little added flavor. This latte was absolutely delicious and didn't taste like I was drinking sweet sugary syrup to get the sweetened latte taste!


The ordering process was so simple! You order at the counter when you walk in and if you choose to stay to enjoy your food, they bring it right to your table once you tell them where you are sitting! Every worker kept their distance for health and safety reasons, but still allowed for the experience at the bakery to be super easy and enjoyable!


Taking one step into the building, you are hit with the cozy,warm smell of fresh baked bread and pastries! There is seating outside and inside, downstairs and upstairs! The decor was (describe). Being there gave me that homey feeling - a nice place to be to relax and enjoy some delicious warm bread/pastries and coffee!

Five Point Bakery is a place I will be visiting often to get some fresh bread and fun toasts to enjoy! I absolutely love what Five Points Bakery stands for and can't resist enjoying delicious food in an amazing atmosphere that is calming. 10/10 would recommend! Definitely a great place to enjoy some time to catch up with family and friends!

Let me know if you go or have gone to Five Points Bakery!

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