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My name is Lauren.  I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a passion for overcoming food rules, body confidence and helping YOU become your most confident and empowered self.

More specifically, I have a passion for helping people, like you, find your own healthy lifestyle to fit your everyday living so you can see how attainable a healthy lifestyle can really be!

I want you to feel confident in your own skin, making nutrition choices, be empowered to reach your goals and have a stable nutrition foundation through our work together for you to build the life you want to live! 

I am here to help you understand nutrition and how foods you enjoy (all foods for that matter) can fit in a healthy lifestyle. Fueling your body to feel and perform your best shouldn't be hard - so I'm here to make it easier! I help people, like you, create your own attainable, healthy lifestyle to fit your everyday living!

I founded EATS Nutrition with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my life.  This website and blog is my way of sharing recipes along with some more detailed nutrition insight for you! EATS Nutrition stands for Everything And Then Some Nutrition because this page is not just about nutrition, it is about everything surrounding a healthy lifestyle.  

Favorite Color
Blush Pink

Favorite Part of the Day
My Morning Routine

Favorite Food
Chicken Parm OR any dessert

Drink of Choice
Espresso Martini

Can't Live Without
Cheese or Bread

In My Work Bag
Water, Planner, Computer

On My Mind
Gratitude for being a part of my clients journeys

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