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D = Daily Planet Coffee

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Daily Planet Coffee took me out of this world with the amazing coffee/espresso and wraps!

D: Daily Planet Coffee

Daily Planet Coffee is a cafe in Buffalo that has been effected by the pandemic. After the second Covid shut down, the owner, Mike Caputi, exhausted all of his options and resources so he set up a Go Fund Me page. It is so sad to see that so many local places have been effected by this pandemic. When I saw this I couldn't just sit at home - I HAD to go visit Daily Planet Coffee for the first time and order some coffee and food!


Espresso Shot - The strongest espresso I have had that was topped with frothed soy milk. So delicious and a great way to boost your energy in the morning!

Iced French Vanilla White Mocha Latte - This latte was by far the most homemade, sweet and delicious latte ever! The flavoring was unlike any other coffee shop I have been to and a sweet tasting flavor which I love!! When I order flavor in my drink, I want to taste the flavor throughout the whole drink and this did just that!

Captain Cody Wrap (Turkey Bacon Avocado Wrap) - For anyone who knows me, I am not a bacon lover. However, when I saw this wrap on the menu, I couldn't resist and knew I had to get it in the original state without altering it. After the first bite, I was addicted and ended up eating the whole wrap! There was a perfect balanced ratio of food in the wrap. Some of you know what i'm talking about - you won't find yourself ripping off part of the tortilla because there isn't enough food inside - they truly have the perfect ratio figured out between food and tortilla!

The Bruce Wayne (Pesto Chicken Wrap) - Again, perfect ratio wrap! This was just another amazing wrap which leads me to believe that there is nothing I wouldn't like on this menu!! Everything tasted amazing, had so much fresh flavor and was truly made with love by everyone working at this cafe!


The customer service was outstanding! Everyone was so welcoming, friendly and truly took care of their customers. There was one gentleman in particular that checked in to make sure everyone was enjoying their food and even took our dishes so we could continue to sit and enjoy being there! This is how I know there is exceptional management in a restaurant because their employees are all dedicated to making this cafe the best it can be!


Going to Daily Planet Coffee was like stepping into a comfort zone! There were couches and lounge chairs that truly gave this the comfort zone feel along with regular tables (but what fun is that). I have never been so comfortable eating lunch and enjoying some fresh espresso.

I can not rave about this business enough! If I lived closer, I would be there every day for lunch and coffee! I am already planning my next trip back with my family and friends because I know everyone will love it!

If you are reading this and can't make it to try their amazing food - please consider donating to their Go Fund Me page because their workers, service and food are outstanding!

Be sure to check out other local restaurants near you to see if they are struggling! Enjoying a meal there and sharing your experience will help spread the news about these amazing local restaurants and help them keep their doors open!

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