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G is for Griffon Gastropub!

Griffon Gastropub, East Aurora

This is one restaurant that I try new things almost every time I visit! But of course I go back to some of my original favorites every so often!

G: Griffon Gastropub

G: Griffon Gastropub

Everything about Griffon Gastropub - from the atmosphere to the food - makes me feel so welcome, cozy, and happy! They offer so many unique, creative and fresh dishes that keep me coming back because I simply can't get enough! All of the food served at this restaurant are dishes I have fallen in love with overtime! Take a look for yourself and I have no doubt you will find your new favorite meal!

Food/Drinks: (Everything I had this trip and in the past)

Panko Chicken Sandwich - This sweet and spicy sandwich is one of my go to menu options when I come to Griffon Gastropub. This sandwich is topped with a to-die-for American Honey bourbon-chipotle remoulade that makes the sandwich stand out. The sandwich is made with a crispy, toasted ciabatta roll-one of my personal favorites! Garlic Parmesan Crusted Fish- I am not someone that loves seafood, but I do like stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new meals! When I saw there was a fish that was not fried, I was all in! I don't regret that decision at all! The portion was so large that I would never be able to finish it on my own, but it was so fresh and tasty topped with the garlic and parmesan coating. It was not greasy or oily at all! Loaded Nachos- I am not sure if this is still offered on their menu but it was a family favorite in my house! The burst of both a spicy and sweet flavor from the jalapeños and fresh vegetables on the nachos was so delicious that the tray would be gone before you even took a breath. Chicken and Waffle Sandwich- Now when I think of chicken and waffles I usually think of a sweet breakfast-style chicken and waffles. Griffon Gastropub put their own unique touch on chicken and waffles making it a spicy-more dinner style chicken and waffle! The chicken was coated in a spicy breading and topped with applewood bacon and an incredible spicy maple mayonnaise. If this does not sound like something you would normally order, I would highly recommend going out of your comfort zone with this - you won't regret it! White Sangria - Anything fruity and sweet has my name written all over it! I am not a beer drinker, so the whole gastropub and ordering beer is not my style sadly. However, I am here to tell you, their sangria is to die for!! I never leave any piece of fruit left in the glass once I am done.


The staff at Griffon Gastropub is so friendly, treating everyone like regulars and family. They fully embrace their creative meals. Whatever it is you are looking for, they try their best to make sure you have anything/everything you need! For example, sangria is not on the menu, but they have all the goodies to create it and can make whatever flavor you are looking for!


When you enter Griffon Gastropub, you go into the pub area/ bar, which is generally noisy, but makes for a fun evening! Once you enter the dining room, it is relatively quiet and I truly felt so at peace and cozy with the ambiance and esthetic inside! Having both areas separated makes for a great location to have a fun night with friends at the bar, or a quiet and relaxing date night or family dining experience!

10/10 would recommend it to anyone and everyone! No matter what you order, I guarantee you will fall in love with a meal there! Let me know if you go or have gone to Griffon Gastropub and what foods/drinks you enjoyed!

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