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E is for Enchiladas from El Canelo Mexican Restaurant

This has to be by far one of my favorites from this food tour for the pure reason that I went out of my comfort zone and got to enjoy some Mexican food!

One of the reasons I started this food tour is to help me get out and try new places I would never think of going on my own. This has truly allowed me to try restaurants I have never heard of before and try places that are different then my usual Italian and American style restaurants!

E: El Canelo Mexican

E: El Canelo Mexican Restaurant

From the warm tortilla chips and house-made salsa to the fun and decorated atmosphere, I felt like I was truly in the most authentic Mexican restaurant you'd find in the Buffalo area! There are so many options to choose from on the menu that everyone can create their own meal with their generous portions.


Before even placing an order, you are given a large basket of chips and salsa to enjoy while you decide on your meal. The chips and salsa were truly fresh and delicious!

Enchiladas Rancheras - The portions are huge! For this enchilada I ordered chicken as the protein option and oh my gosh it was amazing! I won't lie.... for the large portion they give you, I almost ate everything. The flavors were so delicious and I am a sucker for rice, beans and guacamole.

Raspberry Margarita - I have never liked tequila so I tried to order a margarita with vodka instead - however, they are pre-made by the bartender in the morning. With that, my waitress was amazing and told me if I didn't like tequila to try the raspberry margarita with a sugar rim - let me tell you she steered me in the right direction! This had the slightest taste of tequila that was not overpowering so it was the perfect drink to pair with my meal!


Our waitress was absolutely wonderful helping me choose my drink for the meal, taking into consideration my preferences with liquor. We got our food in a short amount of time so we didn't feel like we were waiting for long at all.


Walking into El Canelo, I knew the food would be pretty authentic seeing as the inside was all fun and decorated with bright murals all over! They even had Jarritos beverages which I only ever saw when I went on a mission trip to El Salvador! I absolutely loved the vibe in this restaurant and would love to bring friends to enjoy amazing food and delicious beverages!

El Canelo Mexican Restaurant states on their menu that, "we promise to give you authentic Mexican food and nothing less" and I will say they did just that!!

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