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Spicy Chicken Meatball Tomato & Spinach Linguini

Although this meal has a lot of ingredients it is super easy to make with very little preparation! This is a refreshing dish for dinner and to prep for lunches!


Nutritious and Delicious!

I always try and prepare meals that contain a protein, carb and vegetable! This meal has all three of those food groups and tastes so refreshing! The ingredient I was excited to add to this meal was the spinach! I love salads but know I do not eat enough leafy greens!

Spinach is considered a nutrient dense food which means having a high vitamin and mineral content in relation to its weight. Leafy greens, such as spinach, are rich nutrients like Vitamin K, folate and beta carotene. Research even suggests these plant-based foods may help slow cognitive decline! Not only is spinach healthy for our cognitive function, but according to a study in 2019, spinach was found to be one of the best sources for a specific antioxidant which may promote eye health.

Consuming your leafy green vegetables is only beneficial to our health; just as it is to consume fruits and vegetables of every color! This recipe allowed me to add more leafy greens into my diet that I may not get if not in this delicious recipe!

Check out and try the NEW! Spicy Chicken Meatball Tomato & Spinach Linguini recipe under the "Recipe" tab!

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