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Comfort Food!

When life gets busy, you feel out of control, or you are just having a stressful/out of ordinary day, it is not uncommon for someone to turn to comfort food to feel in control and comforted. Comfort foods help satisfy emotions like sadness, anxiety, or depression, which we know have increased during the past year due to our circumstances. Eating comfort foods is one of your many coping mechanisms, and that is OKAY!!

Food is not meant to cause stress and it is more than just fuel for our body - it is memories, a way of showing love, culture and traditions! Comfort food can revolve around old memories you may have or even reverting back to your cultural background. I know for me, my comfort foods always revolve around pasta. My family is Italian and pasta is a quick, easy meal my family would have after a long, stressful day because it was a convenient meal!

What is your comfort food??

I just recently made this Creamy Tuscan Chicken & Pasta dish on a day I was just craving comfort foods. When I want comfort food it is generally not the healthiest meal I will eat all week, but it is a meal I know I will enjoy and never feel guilty about! No food or meal should ever make you feel guilty! If this is something you struggle with, please write me a message in the contact me form - I'd love to talk more about it with you!

If pasta is a comfort food for you or you want to try something new:

Check out and try the NEW! Creamy Tuscan Chicken & Pasta recipe under the "Recipe" tab!

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