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Breakfast Tacos

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

My new obsession is making breakfast tacos on the weekends! It is a delicious way to start off my morning and it keeps me full for a while!

I'm going to be honest when I say, I am not someone who tries to avoid eggs because of their bad reputation in the past, nor am I eating them because I need to increase my vitamin content. I eat eggs because I enjoy them. I only eat them on occasion and when I do, I know that I am consuming a nutrient dense food that will benefit me nutritionally!


Nutritious and Delicious

Eggs were given a bad reputation in the past due to the cholesterol content and increasing risk of stroke/ heart disease. A major component that is forgotten is, according to the American Heart Association, "Eating foods that contain saturated fats raises the level of cholesterol in your blood", which in turn increases risk of heart disease.

If you are someone that is worried about the amount of cholesterol in an egg, look at it this way, an egg contains 180 milligrams of cholesterol, while a 6 ounce rib eye steak contains 140 milligrams of cholesterol. A rib eye steak also contains six times as much saturated fat as an egg. Therefore, when looking to cut back on foods that may increase risk of heart disease/stroke, solely looking at cholesterol content in food is not always the safest way to go because there are many other nutrients that contribute to increasing risk for disease.

Now, beyond the bad reputation of eggs, there are many positives that come from consuming them. The reality is that many people benefit from eggs. They are a cheap and easy protein source and they contain nutrients that certain populations do not get enough of.

People who live in northern climates, and especially those who work indoors, may lack the ability to produce sufficient vitamin D, due to limited sun exposure. So if you are anything like me and are not a big seafood eater, it is known that aside from fatty fish, eggs are one of the only natural sources of vitamin D in the diet. There are also many people who can rely on eggs, such as Lacto-ovo vegetarians, as a source of B12, a vitamin that supports neurological functions like memory, decision-making, and balance.


Just looking at one study that tells people to avoid eggs is like putting all your eggs in one basket without looking at how this simple ingredient can be beneficial! So now is the time to experiment with eggs and try my new Breakfast Taco recipe. Add your favorite vegetables and ingredients into your breakfast taco and let me know how it goes!

Check out and try the NEW! Breakfast Taco recipe under the "Recipe" tab!

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