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Inizio's You Have My Heart...

Inizio, Buffalo

The way to an Italian girls heart is with carbs, but more specifically homemade pasta!!

I: Inizio

I: Inizio

A restaurant with homemade pasta in Buffalo.... Now you know where I will be. If I could live here, I would be the happiest person ever.


Bread & Butter - Imagine a warm mouthwatering bread vine served with a salted churned butter. It’s the best (and only way) to start an Italian feast.

Bruschetta - Toasted sourdough topped with stracciatella, stone fruit compote & prosciutto. I honestly have never had anything like this before and I was shocked with how nicely all of the flavors complimented each other.

Cacio e pepe - Homemade mafalde pasta with pecorino and black pepper. Now, when I say black pepper, I mean they had a STRONG dash of pepper on this dish! The cracked black pepper added a nice spice to the dish that I really enjoyed. You can never go wrong when ordering a simple and delicious Italian pasta dish like this one!

Vodka - Homemade creste di gallo pasta with a pink colored sauce topped with basil. Now this... this was mind-blowing! Every bite I took I found myself "oo-ing and Ah-ing" over how perfect this dish was. Not only did the sauce have the perfect red/white ratio, but the way the pasta was cooked and truly perfection. “Hey bb” -I took my own spin on their Hey bb drink by switching out the gin for vodka… and let me tell you… I found my new favorite refreshing beverage! This adult beverage had strawberries, basil, simple syrup, lemon, and in my case, some vodka instead of gin.


Every part of this service made me feel like I was a special guest the entire time I was here. Not only did the staff make sure to check in on you during your meal but they waited until you were ready to serve you the main course! I usually feel rushed at restaurants that bring out the appetizer and 10 minutes later they have your main course. I like taking my time and enjoying the food in front of me so this was 100% the best service in my book!


There is so much more to Inizio's than its homemade pasta and hand crafted cocktails; it all starts with the cozy, intimate feeling from the second you walk in the door. Inizio's just makes you want to experience this type of dining everywhere you go and truly makes you wonder when you can experience this again!

Moral of this restaurant visit in the food tour:

Beyond delicious handcrafted pasta and cocktails. There is much more to this dining experience than what's being served on a plate and I am already wondering when I can experience this again!

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