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Life Updates & Get to know Me!

For those of you who are new here, Heyyy! My name is Lauren Tronolone and I am a Registered Dietitian; along with the founder & creator of EATS Nutrition PLLC!

I absolutely love what I do and give it all up to my life growing up. Starting in preschool, I was surrounded with friends who had major food allergies and conditions, a serious peanut allergy and PKU. Then, a little later in my own life, at the age of 7, I found out I was lactose intolerant.

Dealing with the peanut allergy, PKU and my own food intolerance, it had turned me into the girl in class that asked every classmate if they had any food allergies. This way, when it came time to bring in a treat to class, I would make sure to bring something everyone would be able to enjoy - Rice Krispies Treats were the golden snack that everyone could have!

It's crazy to think that at such a young age I was already surrounded with so much food knowledge. You'd think that would've made my career choice easier... right?? WRONG!

Growing up, I told my family I was going to be a fashion designer - because besides loving food and taking care of food allergies, I LOVED clothes and watching Project Runway. This then turned into a far fetched dream and I had to think realistically when I got into high school. I knew I wanted to help people but didn't know how. All I could think of was being an oncology nurse because I loved kids and wanted to help people any way I could. Then, very gratefully, my mom stepped in and said "hey, why don't you look into becoming a dietitian". When she mentioned this to me, I had no idea what that even was! Little did I know, it was the big girl job for what I had been doing my whole life - and what would soon be my career!


Life Updates:

In a previous blog post, I started a timeline of my life from the time I graduated college until what was going on at the time, which was during covid. I want to add to that timeline, but for the new comers, I have attached the beginning of the timeline.

So what was my life like once I graduated with a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics... Let me tell you...


May 2019: I graduated College with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

2019-2020: Working and studying for the Registration Exam to become a Registered Dietitian.

September 2020: Passed my Registration Exam and am now officially a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

September 2020 cont: In search of a job in the clinical setting while working two other jobs.

.... now you see this is where we left off, but my life is unique to me and does not like to ever go as I plan! It keeps me on my toes but I am forever grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had that I never expected...

End of 2020: I ended up becoming a Dietitian for a meal prep business and also connected with individuals who are now my business partners for a side project I work on!

2021: Continue working for the meal prep company and with my business partners on a big project & started seriously working on EATS Nutrition and got my first few clients!

2022: Hired a coach for my business and truly found my focus for EATS Nutrition! I created my first 1-on-1 structured program, The Food Body Confidence Approach, and started to feel like a full on business. This year ended up being my last year working for the meal prep business and I was able to shift focus on expanding my business and working on some amazing things for 2023!

2023: The year has only just begun, but I am already so excited for what is to come for EATS Nutrition in the next few months! A lot of behind the scenes work and secrets, for right now, but I can not wait to share what I have been working on with everyone! If you are a part of my email list, you already know one secret that's coming so soon... and if you aren't apart of the EATS Nutrition Community Email list - subscribe below!


Needless to say, for anyone who was around when I graduated college, owning my own business was purely a dream; what I would tell everyone was "my 10 year plan". Life quickly changed with Covid and I realized that the clinical setting was not where I wanted to be to make a lifelong impact!

I am so happy to call EATS Nutrition PLLC my business that has already had amazing clients through the program doors! If you wish to be one of my amazingly successful clients, don't hesitate to reach out! I will help guide you in the best direction and let you know if my program is a good fit for you!



"Keep being you; Keep being amazing"

- Lauren Tronolone, RDN, CDN

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1 Comment

Christine Gwitt
Christine Gwitt
Feb 16, 2023

Lauren, you are amazing! I'm so glad I found you and you change how I looked at myself and my relationship with food! Can't wait to see what's next❤

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