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Chicken Salad Lovers

I am speaking as someone who loves chicken salad. Every restaurant I went, I would try and order chicken salad because I love it so much! I found my favorite chicken salad at a local grocery story, Orchard Fresh. However, Orchard Fresh recently closed and I have yet to find another recipe as good - so I did what I know best and made my own! With my mom and I putting our tastebuds to the test, we made a chicken salad that was similar to the one we loved from Orchard Fresh, but was even better and so simple to make! This recipe makes chicken salad taste so fresh and delicious with one secret ingredient many people would never think to put in their chicken salad.


If you are a chicken salad lover, and even if you are not, give this recipe a try and let me know what you think!! It is very easy to add or eliminate some ingredients to make your own custom chicken salad!

Check out and try the NEW! Tronolone Chicken Salad recipe under the "Recipe" tab!

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