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Intake Analysis based on YOUR true, day to day eating habits - 100% tailored to you! 

How? We take your goals, your lifestyle & your typical day of eating and will discuss realistic ways you can begin eating for your health and personal needs.


I will take a look at your personal needs and compare it to your intake analysis. Then we will discuss a few steps and tips for you to start reaching your goal with slight adjustments in your intake that take no extra time, effort or money! This whole process being TAILORED SPECIFICALLY to YOU!


This is for you if you:

  • feel like you are lacking the proper nutrients that you need

  • are unsure your eating habits are benefiting you and  your health

  • are looking for more personalized nutrition information regarding how much you should be eating in a day ​

    • not just calories but also for the amount of:

      • carbohydrates, fats & protein you need in a day to reach your goals

  • are struggling to reach your goals and are looking for a place to start! 

  • ​seeking an opportunity to explore your current diet, goals, and lifestyle. We will dive into your current habits and create a completely individualized plan and goals just for you!

  • Want to understand more about nutrition and macronutrients- we dive into tailored nutrition education for YOU! 

More About the Intake Analysis

Prior to the call, you will be providing the dietitian with: your personal intake for 2 full days, your most recent anthropometrics (current age, height & weight)​, along with any nutrition, health or weight goals you may have. 

The Dietitian will analyze your intake provided and calculate your recommended needs to reach your specific goals. The analysis allows the Dietitian to pinpoint any nutritional deficiencies you may have, as well as highlight specific areas that may need to be improved on.

Your Daily Nutrient Intake Report will outline what nutrients, and how much of each, you are consuming each day. Calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, and dietary fiber are all analyzed here. Your Daily Nutrient Intake vs. Daily Recommended Intake Report tells you whether or not you are meeting your recommended nutrient intakes for calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber.

Your daily nutrient intake will be compared to recommendations specifically curated for your goals (weight maintenance, weight loss, weight gain, muscle build, muscle maintenance, healthier lifestyle, etc.) Based on your results, you will be provided with dietary strategies to improve your nutritional intake to help you reach your daily targets.

What makes this different?


Prior to the Call

Using any of the following: paper & pen, notepad app or Food journal app, keep track of your intake for 2 days. You will be sending this to the dietitian at least 48 hours before your call along with your anthropometrics (age, height & weight) & any health goals you have for yourself.

*Remember, the more honest you are here the more accurate your analysis will be!*

On the Call

We will discuss your current intake and how it compares to your personal nutrient needs calculated by the Dietitian. Then, we will discuss small and realistic adjustments to your current intake so you can begin eating for your health and personal needs! This is where I need your help and we will get honest real quick. The final step we make together is creating realistic and attainable goals for you to focus on after our call together.

*This is where you take action and take the steps we discussed to start reaching your goals!*

After the Call

You begin to implement the realistic & attainable personalized goals we set together in your day to day life. You begin to see the benefit of the intake analysis!

But maybe it left you looking for more.. What else do you want to accomplish? Can you do it on your own? Do you need to continue with an accountability partner & support system? Our time together does not have to end so soon, if you don't want it to! 

My goal was to gain a better understanding of how to achieve my nutritional goals  and to better understand what my body needed.


Lauren's assistance was exceptional.  She simplified the complex and provided me with straightforward steps tailored to my nutritional requirements.



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Intake Report

Personalized Intake Analysis & Goal setting

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