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General Nutrition Consultations


How? We combined your questions & goals, with your lifestyle & challenges, and then match it with my proven goal achieving method. This will allow you to successfully reach the goals you have always dreamed of.


This is for you if you:

  • You have general nutrition questions or even more specific nutrition knowledge you are looking for. 

    • Review of Eating Habits

    • Have specific questions on a condition

  • Feeling off track? Need an accountability buddy or a better support system? That's what EATS Nutrition is here for!

  • ​Looking for an opportunity to explore your current diet, goals, and lifestyle. We will dive into your current habits and create a completely individualized plan and goals just for you!

  • Want to understand more about nutrition - we dive into nutrition education. I will make sure you are fully equipped with all the knowledge that you need to be successful as we make lifestyle changes that will benefit you for the rest of your life!

What makes this different?


First Call

Our first session together will provide you with the opportunity to explore your current eating habits, goals and lifestyle. We will dive into current habits, questions you have and goals you are trying to reach and create a completely individualized plan and goals just for you . 

Calls proceeding initial call

We will focus on answering any questions you may have, provide you with the knowledge and information you are looking for as well as setting realistic and attainable goals each week to help you reach those dream goals you have set for yourself. 

Final Call

Let's look at where you started and where you are now. What else do you want to accomplish? Can you do it on your own? Do you need to continue with an accountability partner & support system? Our time together does not have to end so soon, if you don't want it to! 

I came into working with EATS Nutrition, wanting to review my current eating habits and to learn how to not binge at night so I wasn't so exhausted in the evening. 

Not only did Lauren review my current eating habits, she game me tips to increase my energy, get more nutritional value out of my meals, and altered my routine so I didn't need two dinners at night! 



Join now and Get

Bi- Weekly or Weekly 
One on One Coaching Calls (via Zoom Call)

Regular Q&A support via messenger

Infographics & Supporting Documents

Jumpstart on reaching the goals you only ever dreamed of

Your own personal Dietitian at your fingertips whenever you have questions or need accountability/ support

3 Months - 12 Calls

2 Months - 8 Calls

1 Month - 4 Calls

Need more info?

If you have questions, want to know more information, make sure you and the dietitian are a good fit or even for more payment options,  BOOK A FREE CALL!

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