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Hydraulic Hearth Here we Come!

Hydraulic Hearth, Buffalo

New places are always fun to explore, especially when you can make a whole night out of it! My trip to Hydraulic Hearth was a girls night out with some friends and I couldn't have been happier with the restaurant choice!

H: Hydraulic Hearth

H: Hydraulic Hearth

Hydraulic Hearth is truly a place where you can just go to relax, hang out and enjoy some great brick oven pizzas, starters and cocktails/beer!


Burrata Pizza - This pizza consisted of hydraulic hearth's house burrata, marinated tomato, basil, balsamic, and crisped prosciutto. That right there is a pizza topped with some delicious and fresh ingredients that melted in my mouth! 10/10 would recommend and will be getting this again!! Mai Tai - Any drink that sounds like I am sitting on the beach is generally my top choice. Mai Tai was the beverage of the evening with a sweet pineapple taste and I was not disappointed at all! If this were a staple on the menu, it would be my choice every time!


Hydraulic Hearth is a server-less restaurant: Everything is ordered from a bar ordering station, then the worker gives you a number and brings the food to your table when it's ready! This process allows for you to hang out and enjoy drinks and order food on your time! I loved this aspect of hydraulic hearth so I didn't feel rushed.


There is so much room for activities here! You can enjoy the beautiful weather outside on the warmer days/night or you can enjoy the casual and comfortable inside dining area, and bar inside on the colder days!

This is the perfect place for happy hour and a good light dinner destination!

Moral of this restaurant visit in the food tour:

Self Service, delicious & light food, great cocktails, comfy atmosphere!

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