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Do you want to stop questioning if your meals are balanced and learn how to eat the foods you love and add what you need without the side of guilt??



This is for you if you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by all of the recipes, plans, diets, and resets out there

  • Dread going to the grocery store and feel overwhelmed in the kitchen

  • Have limited time to prepare meals and snacks

  • Don't want to restrict the foods you love 

  • Want to ditch the fear or guilt around food

  • Are confused with what to eat and want a better understanding of creating balanced meals out of foods you love

  • Have good intentions when it comes to meals but never feel you are satisfied or creating meals that are actually benefiting your health & happiness

What makes this different?


20 modules that talk through the following:

  • Diet Culture

  • Mindset Holds & Reframes

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Psychology of  Food Beliefs

  • Conquering Cravings

  • Exploring and Understanding Hunger & Fullness

  • Mindful Eating Practices

  • Breakdown of Macronutrients & Micronutrients

  • Understanding the Nutrition Label

  • Building Balance with the EATS Plate

  • Guide to preparing balance for all lifestyles, budgets and more!


Join now and Get

Bi- Weekly Group Coaching Calls (via Zoom Call)

Regular Q&A support via messenger

Workbook & Modules to work through

Meal planning resources to eat and plan meals with confidence 

Grocery List, Rich Reframes, Keep Track without the App, Conquer Cravings, Portion Guides & MORE!

Pay in full for

3 payments of

For more payment options, lets schedule a discovery call!

Need more info?

If you have questions, want to know more information, make sure you and the dietitian are a good fit or even for more payment options,  BOOK A FREE CALL!

"The guilt/shame has been alleviated"

 Through all of our virtual chats, my eyes opened. I can really eat carbs?? Before this program I was left believing there were "good" and "bad" foods, leaving me to believe the pressure and stress of planning meals was normal and something I would deal with forever. 

I learned to honor myself, enjoy life, and not to deprive myself! I am at peace now and really enjoy my food choices more than ever before but this time without the guilt attached! Feeling more at peace is priceless! I'm more equipped to enjoy this life that's been given to me!

Christine G.

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